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  • Rick Vesco, builder of the Turbinator, was announced as the guest speaker at the 7th Annual B'ville NW Banquet in Portland, Oregan. The banquet will be held at the Shilo Inn, Portland Oregan, Feb 23, 2008.

  • The featured speaker is will be announced within a few days. Past speakers have been Glen Barrett, Tanis Hammond, Tom Bryant, Mike Cook, Burke LeSage and Jim Travis.
  • Active ImageOkay, down to business of the newsletter for this issue. The work of commencing with modifications to the Eagle has begun in earnest for the winter in the hangar. The tasks are many; converting the front suspension, and box it goes in, into a configuration that will accommodate the all metal wheel (forged aluminum alloy) which is currently in the process of being negotiated for manufacture over the next few months.
  • Active ImageFire at Wendover Motel Under Investigation
    A fire overnight destroyed several dozen motel rooms in Wendover at the Bonneville Inn.
    January 14th, 2007 @ 5:26pm

    (KSL News) A fire overnight destroyed several dozen motel rooms in Wendover. Around 3:30 this morning, someone staying at the Bonneville Inn heard an explosion, then the motel went up in flames.

    Chief Kirk Petersen, Wendover City Fire Dept.: "It was engulfed when we got here, one or two rooms." 

  • This is a completed list of car and motorcycle rule changes for 2007. The following is a list of sections with rules updates.Words in bold print are the new changes. It is assumed that persons looking at these changes has the 2006 edition of the rule book for comparison purposes. Only paragraphs with changes are shown.
  • 6th Annual B'ville NW Banquet that will be held Feb 17th, 2007 at the Shilo Inn Portland Airport.

    The cost for this years event is $48.00 per person. This includes a mandatory 18% gratuity imposed by the caterer. After February 4th the cost goes up to $55.00. There will be a registration limit of 150 for this event.

  • Impound Insights - November 8/9, 2014                            Dan Warner

    The last meet of the season has been put to bed with great fanfare. The weather cooperated with minimal winds on Saturday and Sunday and pleasant temps both days. A high entry count, approaching 180 I am told, made for a super show. We ran three rounds on Sunday ending just before the permit cutoff time.
    As usually happens the November meet saw a spike in the El Mirage 200 MPH Club roster. First up is Ted Olson who drove the Steinegger & Eshenbaugh lakester. The car ran in the F/FL class using 1/2 of a Chrysler Hemi. Big load of nitro pushed Ted through the lights at 213 MPH. Martin Menne scored a ride in The Kraut Bros. C/BGRMR and took advantage of the opportunity to set a new class record of 212.06. Long time salt and dry lakes runner Les Leggitt debuted his new '53 Studebaker in the B/BCFAlt class. Brandon Leggitt has the driving chores and while stepping up in the license program was able to lay down a 231 record. Donnie Hicks and his Zoom Zoom Racing F/BGL upped last month's record to a 200.9 earning him a new club hat. While Donnie was in route home to Orangevale, CA on Sunday Joe Cardoso took the Tracer Racing entry and ran in the same F/BGL class. Joe bumped the record way up to 208. I wonder if Donnie knows? Finally, our long time President, Jon Meyer, is relocating to the Mid West in a few weeks. The club wishes Jon and Julie all the best in the future. The club held their annual BBQ and party at the SCTA building on the lakebed. The party was well attended and I am sure more than one of us had a difficult time answering the rooster call on Sunday. A fitting send off for Jon and Julie, thanks for your service Jon.
    In addition to the five records mentioned there are another 13 new certified car records and six bike records.
    Starting by entry number we have #7, the Aardema Braun Sheriton V4/BGRMR driven by Cal Rothe. Cal did a fine job setting the new class record to 165.2 MPH. Derek McLeish was once again in the hot seat of the McLeish Bracket Racing H/BFMS. The much chopped Triumph TR6 coupe ran to a 177.9 record. I call that close enough to 178 for bragging rights. Bill Lattin set a record on Saturday but, the one that counted was Sunday's pass. Bill turned everyone's head with an amazing 182 run in the XXF/FCC class using the White Lighting Austin coupe running under the Lattin & Stevens banner. Don Ferguson III, known as D3, drove the Ferguson Macmillan Honda powered F/BGS to a new record of 269+ MPH. This could have been the run to win the championship. We will have to wait until the results are compiled. The well used Cohn Jucewic Monza ran in the F/CGC class this meet. Driver Bob Jucewic also builds the engines and his 181 ci wonder set the record to 165.1 MPH. Keith Black and his Black Racing team of family members and friends had a season of wins and firsts in the A/GS class. Two records at this meet, Saturday's record was superseded on Sunday with a 223.3+. As mentioned above Martin Menne drove the Kraut Bros. car on Saturday to a club membership. Not to be outdone, car owner Willie Boelcke took the wheel and beat Martin's record by .276 to place his mark in the upcoming 2015 rule book. Ed Fenn ends his season with a C/FL record using an engine built by the infamous Bob Brissette. Ed's new record in the Brissette & Fenn entry stands at 240.7 MPH. Big Tim Boyle brought his Dodge Ram truck down to So Cal from Colorado for the weekend. Tim goes home with a 169.3 record in the B/DT class. The H/BStR class had the current record holder, L.T.D. Sights Racing with Robert Sights up resetting their own record to 153.7.  Robert is the beloved gentleman known as 'Prozac" from the salt. Chet Thomas closes out his year with the final record in the AA/StR class. His Ford powered, John Beck built entry finishes as top[ of class at 211.7 MPH. Previously mentioned John Beck drove the Vintage Hot Rod entered C/AIR roadster to a final record of 175+ MPH. John is contention for the points championship. He told me that he would like to see a compressed air roadster(C/AIR) on the cover of the rule book. Eric Eyres and father Russ turned up in impound after a not planned absence. The Eyres and Son roadster has been close to record speeds at each meet and got one this time in the E/BFR class. Eric took 'er down track a class setting 212.5 MPH. White Goose Bar Racing set their second record in a row with Tom Hanley driving. Once again in the G/MMP class, Tom added 6 MPH to last month's record ending up with a fine 130.7 speed. The last certified record for this event is the Notabusa entry. This little Subaru is powered by a Kawasaki engine. Driven this month by J. R. Foley the team gained a 123 record for their efforts.
    The bike side came by with six new records: Dave Iversen rode his Dave Iversen Knuckle to a 1000-APS-VG record of 137.5 MPH. Alp Sungurtekin rode his Alp Racing and Design entry to his third record of the season. This event Alp was in the 650-APS-VG class with a speed of 130.7 MPH. Scott Mattern rode the McLeish Brothers team entry to a 125-APS-BF class record of 124.8 MPH. Cathy Butler and her Van Butler Racing entry has returned to the record lists. This month Cathy rode in the 650-A-G class with a record speed of 176.6 MPH. The Pflum Wagner Racing team seems to set a record each meet. This time rider Jeannie Pflum set two records. Sunday's final record in the 1000-A-F class was 198.7 MPH. I am pulling for a 200 speed in 2015. Ralph Hudson rode his 1000-APS-BF Suzuki to set the only bike record in excess of 200 this meet. Ralph twisted the throttle to record a 235.8 MPH record.
    There are still two car and one bike record to be certified before the final 2014 record list is finalized. We allow teams up to 30 days following a meet to have the engine measured if they desire. Records are held in pending status until the process is completed.
    The 2014 season had ups and downs but I think it all turns out well in the end. Mark you calendars for 2015. The first meet scheduled for the May 16/17 weekend.

  • LandSpeedRacingVideo.com
    Mark Brazeau 34462 Via Gomez, Capistrano Beach, California 92624
    Phone: 949-289-1535 e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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    All 2009 El Mirage Meets
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  • For registration information, access:

    Here are several extra events planned for the B'ville NW Banquet, February 13th.

    On Friday night, 7:00PM at the Portland Airport Shilo Inn, Ed Shadle will present an
    electronic program about the buiding and development of the North America Eagle, their
    converted F-104 fighter adapted to retreive the all time Land Speed Record from Thrust II.
    There is no charge to attend this event.

    Steves Auto Restoration has granted us a 2 hour tour of their facility.
    4440 SE 174th Ave
    Portland, OR 503-665-2222


    Since the shop is not open on Saturday anyone attending must be there before 10 AM. The door will open at 9:50 AM and close at 10AM. If you are not there during that time you will not get in. Rules are rules. It's well worth the effort to see this shop that produces award winning vehicles from the ground up. (Check that web site.) They did the tail section panels for Marlo Treit's streamliner.

    The Evergreen Air Museum,


    In the past several years, the Imax theather has been built and also another buiding, the same size as the home for the Spruce Goose, has been built. It holds their missile display. The SR 71 has been moved into that facility. Even if you have been there previously, it is worth another trip.

    Use “500 NE Cumulus Avenue' for street address when using a GPS Device.

    A longer trip, but just as exciting is the Museum of Flight in Seattle.
    The Museum of Flight is located South of downtown Seattle, at the south end of Boeing Field / King County Airport; Exit 158 off Interstate 5.
    It is 165 miles from the hotel. All of it is I-5 freeway and the drive time is 2 ½ hours. They have an A-12, the first model of the SR-71 and a Concord commercial airplane.
    A main section is the actual wood building in which Boeing first built airplanes. It was transported up the Dawuamish River on a barge to be relocated as the primary building of the Museum of Flight. The actual tables on which the wooden framed planes were built are in place with original tools in place.

    Questions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 425-337-4558 Glenn Freudenberger
  • That's the big question of the new year - have you paid the dues for (all of) the racing organisations to which you belong? It's a new year and the money you sent last year has "expired". Please consider sending in your annual payments to make sure that all can continue to do what we need them to do so we can continue racing.

    BNI (BNI address is the same as SCTA)
    P O Box 10
    Orosi, CA 93647 - 6279

    Individual SCTA clubs will contact members directly and remind you of their address and dues amount.

    P. O. Box 27365
    Salt Lake City, UT 84127-0365

    c/o Tonya Turk
    206 Sylvan Drive
    Enterprise, AL 36330

    Loring Timing Ass'n
    c/o Bob Wanner
    (I don't have a mailing address, so ask Bob by email)
    bwana (at) aol.com

    (Hey, those blokes are on the other side of the world and for all I know their dues are due in the middle of June or something. There's a link to them here on this page -- check with them to find out about keeping the coffers full, hey?)

    509 Dukes Road
    Skandia, Michigan 49885
  • 2009 INTERNATIONAL 36hp LAND SPEED CHALLENGE Wow! ! ! 2008 was a great year for the 36hp CHALLENGE with two 36hp land speed records broken along with the forty six year old, all time top speed for a 36hp engined Volkswagen Beetle land speed record held since 1961 by Dick Beith. In addition.......
  • Jim Travis Speedweek '06The speaker for the 2007 B'ville NW Reunion will be Jim Travis from Whittier, California. His 50 years of racing on the salt will provide many stories about cars, records and people from 1956 'till nowdays.
  • By Bill Hoddinott

    "Ardun Technical - What Makes It Go" is a book of articles reprinted full size with permission from Bonneville Racing News and is a companion to "Arduns At Bonneville - Interviews With The Stars" which is also in print. Content begins with interviews with Zora Arkus-Duntov and George Kudasch, original Ardun co-designers in New York City in 1947; and continues with ABCs of Ardun-Building; Ardun-Building Hints by Clem TeBow and Don Ferguson Jr. on filling block valve pockets for better deck seal; Jack LaMare's home-made "Ardun" heads which set Bonneville records; Low-Bucks Blown Ardun Build-Up; Low-Bucks Blown Ardun Track-Tested. 40 pages, 11" x 13.5".

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