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Time Until World Finals 2020
  • October 19, 2007 -

    As reported from North American Eagle website.

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    Wow! What a week. Team North American Eagle™ completed a very successful appearance at the Black Rock Desert.   After finishing our 7th test session, the first thing we have to do is acknowledge the achievements of the past competitors at Black Rock.  Richard Noble in '83, Breedlove in '96 and '97 and ThrustSSC Team in '97.  In the 2 hr BBC Documentary The Mission, the cameras follow the efforts of ThrustSSC record setting performance at Black Rock. Although the show documented what the team went through to get there, you can't really fully appreciate the effort until you have lived it.  Traveling to Black Rock this year would be a learning experience for the entire team.  Those who have been here before praised Team North American Eagle™ on our efforts.  Those included former team members of ThrustSSC who were on hand to celebrate the 10 year anniversary and world record holders Rosco McGlashan (Aussie Invader), John Ackroyd (Thrust II) and land speed legend Craig Breedlove. 

  • Photo Gallery of Meet

    Wednesday October 10, 2007

    10:14 AM

    Buckeye Bullett made another pass turning off after 5 1/2 mile. This run was another test run, they ran without rear body panels.

    This last report will conclude my reporting for the private FIA meet. On my way back to Denver.

  • Well, the meet is canceled unless you care to slog through the mud and water.  No, don't try that -- the B L M has crews working to fix the road - which as of now is about 4 feet deep in mud.  ANY tracks made out the now - will likely remain for months or even longer.  PLEASE stay away from the lakebed until further notice -- unless you're one of the folks that has been asked/tasked to work during the mud and rain problems.

    I wonder how Tiny is getting out of his place. . .

  • The September meet was a real good one – temps in the low 90s, minimal wind, and 5 runs if you wanted. The lack of wind can be a problem with hanging dust but, it looks like the 91 entries were able to cope.

    The El Mirage 200 MPH Club held its annual picnic in the SCTA building on Saturday night and all reports I heard indicate that it was a big success. A good job was done by the organizing committee of Jim Snyder, Miler Mike Stewart and many others. The club was able to welcome two new members on Sunday, both on bikes. First was Ralph Hudson on his 1000-APSG entry at 203.774. The second new member is Greg Watters riding the Watters & Higgins & Noonan 750-APS-BG Suzuki with a 201.073 mph speed. Greg hails from Australia, so he came a long way to run with us on the dirt. Good job and welcome to the “Dirty Twos”.

    Other record setters include the Lattin & Gillette V4F/VCG, a new entry for the team with their Bantam coupe. William Lattin drove the little coupe to an 85 mph record over the 80 mph minimum. Dennis Mariani continues to push the F/StR, Mariani Farms entry, record up to higher levels with a record of 170. Willie Boelcke runs the Low Sodium C/GRMR, this meet he set the class record to 192. John Beck had a run in the Vintage Hot Rod C/BStR #511, John builds the horsepower and drives, this time to a 207 record. Rick Yacoucci used the unblown flathead at this meet while the other engine is prepped for World Finals. Rick’s Costella-Yacoucci-Pappas-Stevens XF/GS entry recorded a fine 183 record. The Eyres Moreland Holt entry in H/BFMR class was driven to a new record of 157. Tom Holt took the last record at Speedweek in this car and got the call at El Mirage. Miriam Macmillan, the lady of all jobs, was able to get another record in her H/BGCC Hondata entry at 186 mph. I guess Miriam was still on a red hat high from Speedweek as she moved into first place in points with this record. The final car record at the meet was done by the lovely Michele Brading. Michele drives the Costella-Dennee entry in K/FL, she took the class record at 158. Glen Dennee is Michele’s father and a long time racer in many different forms of motorsports.

    In addition to the previously mentioned new two club members Ralph Hudson and Greg Watters we saw seven more bike records on the other side of impound. Ralph Hudson rode his 750-APS-F class bike to a 191 record in addition to his 1000cc record. John Noonan once again took bike top speed and a record on his Noonan/Derwin/Moreland entry in 1650-APS-BG class at 248. David Isley rode the Isley Racing entry to a new record of 161 in the 1350-SC-PBG class. “Papi”, Steve Chappell, took his first record of the year with a fine run of 191 in the 160-P-P class. Jim Higgins was on hand to help team mate Greg Watters and decided to enter the 750-A-BG class with the Higgins/Watters bike. Jim was able to up the class record to 195 for a successful weekend. Scott Mattern(?) rode the Team McLeish TZ bike in the 175-A-BG class to a new record of 133. The final record of the meet was by Bill Anderson on/in his Screwball in SC-PF class. Bill rode/drove the sit in bike to a 120 speed.

    I could write that our next event is the World Finals but, that would be a fib. I am late with this El Mirage report and we have all returned from a very successful meet at the salt. So, our next event is the October 24th meet at El Mirage. Only two events left and points races are on our mind. Everyone be safe, go fast and have fun as someone we know tells.
  • Welcome Tyler Easton Amo, the newly-born son of Keilani and Jon Amo. Jon, in case you don’t know, is the guy that founded this website about a dozen or more years ago – and now that he’s sent it off to me – has found better ways to occupy his time (no doubt!).

    Congratulations to all three of the Colorado Amos – and to all the Amos everywhere – now that there’s another one in the family.

  • The last ECTA event of the racing year is this coming weekend – the 24th and 25th of October. The forecast looks okay – mid-70s but a chance of rain on Saturday, but about 70 and sunny on Sunday.


    Get out there, racers, and get in a few more runs before putting the race bike (or car) on the stands for winter’s work. You can register by going to www.ecta-lsr.com.  There’s still lodging available in Laurinburg, the nearest “big” town, and the fellowship of Maxton events will be the best of the year – because it’s the last of the year.


    Make your plans – visit and race “The Maxton Monster Mile” before hanging up your racing suit for the winter.


  • Well, how about this? A few days ago we thought World Finals 2009 would be a no-go – and now we’re looking at about the best salt in years. There are about 135 entries out here, the weather is clear and 50 – 60F, and things couldn’t be much better. This is gonna be great.


    The only real change in the schedule is that everything has been pushed back a day – so instead of inspection on Tuesday and runs from Wednesday through Saturday – we’re inspecting today, Wednesday, and runs start tomorrow (Thursday) and go through Sunday (assuming weather holds out and there are enough racers remaining.


    So – WF ’09 isn’t a bust – it looks like it’ll be the best event of the year. See you on the Salt!

  • World Finals 2009 is still ON. That’s the word from SCTA/BNI officials as of this afternoon (Monday, the 5th of October). The event has been pushed back a day – so things will start with inspection on Wednesday the 7th and racing beginning the 8th. We’ll race for four days, ending Sunday the 11th – as long as the weather continues to cooperate and there are enough vehicles wanting to make runs.


    The weather was poor during the past weekend, and there was enough water on the course that the folks in the know decided to hold things off for a day. That decision seems to have paid off – Jim Jensen, the chief starter for Bonneville and one of the fellows that drives the trucks that drag the salt to make our race courses, says we’ll have a good race track (assuming the weather doesn’t go away in the next day or two). There will be just ONE course – a long course, with a shut-down marked at the three mile for short course vehicles. This layout is just the same as used by the USFRA for World of Speed – and, with the 135 entries we’re expecting, lines shouldn’t be too long and things will go well.


    If you’ve got room reservations through Saturday night you oughta be okay, but if you had planned on leaving Saturday morning and now you’ll want to stay the extra day – please consider calling your lodging facility to see if you can extend another night.


    Let’s go racing at World Finals!


  • We're 99% back up! Thank you all for your patience during this unforseen glitch.
  • Nancy and I got home from our last trip of this year - to Bonneville, at least -- last night. Am as I look on the website and the Forum I see a handful of notes and reminders that I've got some tidying up to do. I'll figure out how to reset the countdown clock ('til SpeedWeek), I'll work on making the Photo Gallery more workable, and so on. I'll see if I can change the news articles that are on the front page -- hey, I'll try to do some of the stuff that I put off during the past three months or so. I'll even try to do some of the other things you've asked for in the recent few months. So -- now that we're home I'll get to work to keep landracing.com the site all of you rely upon for the latest and most accurate information. Thanks to all that have sent donations and have ordered bumper stickers and shirts, too.
  • 8.07 AM Sunday. Mike Waters just called from the Salt, saying "we're out here in deep water. Please tell everyone on the site that the meet is cancelled." Not much more I can say, folks, other than we're just as disappointed as you are. I'll put this on the front page and go post it on the forum, too.
  • October 7th, 2004

    Pre-Entry List Released.

    Paid Advertisement

    Pre-Entry List released from the SCTA-BNI. There are some great entries listed here for World Finals. Some notable comments need to be made from the entry list. First off a very capable streamliner that many haven't seen or did not know was in existance is the Lessman Streamliner running in the AA/GS. This liner was constructed several years ago (1995 ish???) This is a very capable machine that was constructed for nothing but top speed 400+ mph. Don't quote me on it but I beleive from talking with Roger Lessman several years ago that he had a traction control system on the vehicle that prevented him running during the SCTA-BNI meets. Another issue he had was the salt length. Needed a groomed course long enough for him to acheive top speed. But then again whats new. This will be an interesting to see the streamliner and you can bet I will get pictures. I did hear thru the rumor mill that it was possible that it would not come out until next year, but maybe things have changed. We will see in about a couple days.

    Another interesting vehicle is the Burklands streamliner which posted a 450 mph run several years ago. This streamliner wrecked and was rebuilt. During World of Speed was its first time back on the salt since the reconstruction. The weather prevented the Burklands from making any runs during the event even though they were in line to make a pass. So they will be anxious to make a pass. I would suspect they will be in the front of the line to make one of the first passes during the World Finals event.



    The Buckeye Bullet Ohio State University Team running their Electric Streamliner. During speedweek they were able to just eclipse the 300 mph barrier with a 308.317 mph run but were unable to back up the run. That is just outstanding since the current record is at 256 mph set by this team last year. They are the first to break the 300 mph barrier with an electric vehicle. This vehicle will be ready to run both national and international records during the World Finals Event. The question is will it be able to see a 300 mph record?

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