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Time Until Speed Week 2020
This is the proposed 3 course system at Speedweek 2007. And also the pre-stage procedures. Keep in mind this system is a work in progress and changes can and probably will be made before the final draft. This is a drawing to give you an idea of what is proposed for Speedweek 2007.

1. BNI Course Layout for three course system was presented by Mike Waters. A brief discussion of the number of "pre-Entries" indicated a total of 519 – 146 Motorcycles and 373 Cars. The Board approved the new "Special Course" to be a full short course with a 1 mile to 2 mile trap and a 2 to 2 ¼ trap for long course qualifying and a full 2 to 3 mile trap for record qualifying. The 2007 Speed Week will have three courses – they are:



** Course #1 (old long course – open to short and long course vehicles) to be called "Combination Course #1". Open to both long course – over 175 mph vehicles and to short course vehicles – normal turn out to the left ("toward the pits").

** Course #2 (new course to the right of Course #1 and slightly left of the 2006 Short Course - short and long) to be called "Combination Course #2". Open to both long course – over 175 mph vehicles and to short course vehicles – normal turn out to the right ("toward the highway").

** Course #3 (new course to the right of the 2006 Short Course near the Salduro Dike to be called "Special Course #3". Open to all Full Short course vehicles with the option of running only the 1 to 2 mile clocks – normal Turn out to the left ("toward the pits"). This course will be used for all rookie runs and will be open to any competitor who only wishes to run the 1 mile approach to a 1 to 2 mile timing trap. Records may be "qualified on" and set on this course in either the 1 to 2 mile or the 2 to 3 mile trap. There will be a 2 to 2 ¼ mile trap that will qualify a competitor for the long course on either of the Combination Courses if the 175 mph minimum is exceed in the 2 to 2 ¼ timing trap.

** Return road for "Combination Course #1" will be to the left of the course and come back right in front (south east side) of the pits.

** Return road for "Combination Course #2" and "Special Course #3" will be a shared return road between the two courses – to the right on "Combination Course #2" and to the left on "Special Course #3". This return road will be clearly marked and will go back to the starting line area and behind (to the west toward town) the staging lines then turn 180 degrees and head back to the pits on a shared pit access / staging line road. (see Maps).

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